Say Hello to 4th Level

After this week’s DDO action, I took a closer look at Hrakn’s experience and found that he was only a small distance away from level 4, with a bunch of the soloable stuff in Stormreach Harbor undone. Tonight I ran around and did a couple of those solo quests and reached 4th level after only a short time.

This week’s event was probably the most fun we’ve had so far; the Waterworks are huge, intricate and challenging even at normal difficulty (which is all we ran it at,) at least for people who haven’t run it before. Even down a man, we got to see every aspect of the D&D party experience: small combats in tight quarters, big combats across huge chambers, turned undead, healing as important within the encounter, rogues detecting secret doors and disarming traps, and fire traps set off in the wizard’s face.

Waterworks is the first “big” dungeon you’ll see in DDO; we hit it at level 3, but it’s probably possible to run the first wing at level 2. This game is terrific, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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2 responses to “Say Hello to 4th Level

  1. I just downloaded X-fire, for some reason it did not detect all my games, for instance Eq2 is not showing up. Is there a way to add games ?

    My name on Xfire is Rumbarr, hope to make some new friends =)