More DDO and the Subscription Estimate

Last night’s DDO excursion took us back into the Waterworks to complete the final wing on Normal difficulty. Like the previous section of the dungeon, it was a lot of fun. Afterward, we moved on to Kobold Assault, which we completed handily with no undue misfortune on Normal. After that we ran one of the sewer dungeons on Hard.

This puts all of us into 4th level and at over 100 total favor; we are all at or very close to 75 favor with the Coin Lords, which grants the character the “Bag of Holding”, basically an extra personal inventory tab. This will be nice; I ran out of space last night and had to toss some stuff to pick up all the loot from the tail end of Waterworks.

As as aside, OpenEdge estimates, based on Xfire statistics, that DDO now has over 100K subscribers. While I caution (again) the validity of drawing too many conclusions from Xfire’s numbers, in this particular case the his estimate does fit nicely both with my own off-the-cuff pre-FTP DDO subscription estimate (about 50K) and Turbine’s recent announcement that monthly subscriptions to DDO have about doubled since the move to free-to-play. I hesitate to consider this an actual datapoint, especially when we know that a decent fraction of the people playing DDO are not in fact VIP subscribers, but certainly it’s another indicator that Turbine’s new model for the game has caused a sea change in its fortunes. And certainly many non-VIP DDO players have spent non-subscription money on the game. Some percentage of this group are probably spending more than $15 a month, but I would expect that to taper off for individuals as they unlock all the stuff they actually want.

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One response to “More DDO and the Subscription Estimate

  1. The fact Bioware can call Warhammer “profitable” with “roughly” 75k players says a lot about DDO’s numbers.
    Just because there are 100k subs means nothing, when we can see the potential for double or triple the revenue from those who decide to cash shop instead.
    Turbine may not make “good” MMO’s (in my opinion), but as a business and being committed to their audience, they truly shine.

    Funcom, take lessons please.