DDO Update

I’ve been playing DDO once a week (on Tuesdays,) and our group is now up to level 5, and still having fun, although we’ll occasionally get an ass-kicking in some of the tougher dungeons. Tonight, for the first time in weeks, I played for a couple of hours of solo play.

Essentially all of the level 2-4 Stormreach Harbor content is soloable, with the exception of the Waterworks and two of the individual quests, assuming you have picked a moderately decent solo class. My Ranger is not an optimal selection in this department, but he’s far from the worst class for soloing. Once you move on to the Marketplace, there are a lot more quests too tough to solo, as well as a lot more stuff that you have the option to buy via the DDO Store.

Right now Rafian is at the high end of level 3, at rank 14, and has started doing some Marketplace stuff. He has not yet run out of stuff to do – and there’s certainly a great deal of stuff I could go back and run a second time, since I made it a point to repeat as little as possible. But it’s now getting a bit harder to find the dungeons that are manageable solo.

I also started a Rogue on another server. So far, he’s been able to run solo – in Korthos Village, on Normal difficulty. And I expect that his fighting ability will lag behind as his level goes up.

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2 responses to “DDO Update

  1. I’m about a level ahead of you in terms of content (cleared out the level 4 stuff, working on level 5 content), and I’ve suddenly hit a bit of a wall in terms of difficulty. Part of it is that most of the free quests are rated “solo/party” in the compendium thing, while almost all paid content (which is an increasing amount of the content for level 5 and beyond) are rated “party”. I can try to drag my bard through normal mode with consumables and occasional deaths, but I may need to switch down to casual to keep going (where, for solo/party quests, I don’t even use all of the rest shrines).

    I have no intention of quitting or anything, but I might either try a tougher class (e.g. Cleric) or just make an executive decision that I’m going to be spending most of my time at lower levels and spend my Turbine points on stuff that happens before the difficulty curve gets too steep.

  2. It’s my understanding that the Bard is a more challenging class than the Cleric or Paladin, which are (I’ve heard,) the most solo-friendly classes in the game. But I’ve played none of the three, so I can’t really vouch for that. I can say that a straight Fighter of pretty much any configuration is pretty easy to solo with, and even Rogues aren’t too bad, about on par with Rangers. But kiting makes Rangers solo fairly well, as long as you have room to maneuver.