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Fooling around yesterday in AoC, I worked my new Cimmerian Barbarian up to level 12. This is a class I’ve played before, but it’s a fun one, flexible and varied. I also started a Tempest of Set and ran him through the shipwreck stuff.

Other things I’m noticing:

  • Client performance is better all-around than it was when last I played. In particular, I had issues with textures and objects taking a long time to load before, and it’s much less of an issue now. I have noticed the occasional lag spike, however.
  • It used to be when you logged out of a character, you’d have to log into the game again. Not anymore – now you go to the character selection screen.
  • The leveling appears to have been smoothed out somewhat; I haven’t noticed any new quests, but there are more mobs in the shipwreck instance (thus more XP,) and by level 12 I have had to do zero quests outside the shipwreck and destiny questlines.
  • There are now 4 servers, which I think cover just North America; population seems modest on Cimmeria, meaning that there are people around, but not huge numbers of them. Tortage proper typically has a good number of folks in it; White Sands Isle, no more than a handful at a time. Then again, the zone is huge and I’ve really only checked a portion of it.

By the way, I take the ‘unlimited trial’ to be limited in terms of content (i. e. you can’t leave the Tortage cluster of content,) rather than level. I think there’s probably enough content to take one to the early 20s, but that’s just a guess at this point. I’ll be confirming this before too long, I’m guessing.

I did also get into a little bit of off-the-cuff PvP in White Sands Isle. I’m getting the impression that this isn’t all that common in this level range.

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One response to “More From Tortage

  1. Also have a level 20 limit…so, you COULD feasibly level past that on Tortage (a few spots have higher levels to do that)…just the trial limits that.

    BTW, if this is a NEW account, you can get AoC for 5 bucks now.

    Not sure if that is a sale or what…but WTF…why would you NOT convert to 30 days.

    And then get 60 days for the price of 30 here with a time card.

    Besides Free to plays, this makes AoC the cheapest MMO to play now.