Turbine to Run D&D Online TV Spots

In a move that should further reinforce just how much stronger DDO has become since converting to a free-to-play model, the news broke that Turbine will be running DDO TV spots starting this month on SyFi, G4, Comedy Central and the BBC. Here’s one of the spots:

Not sure if there will be others. But in any case, big win for DDO, and the promotion is likely to make the revived game even more successful.

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2 responses to “Turbine to Run D&D Online TV Spots

  1. They can apparently thank their rich uncle Bugs (Bunny) for this particular new initiative – they’ve said on the forums that Warner’s funds are making it possible, and I think WB wants to see what the potential of this game is if promoted properly.

  2. Well this is a really weird way to learn that there’s a “BBC America”. I wonder how many people in the U.K. know that? I didn’t and I would have said I was someone who paid attention to these things…

    I know about BBC Worldwide and its moneymaking enterprises, but I had no idea they actually had individually-branded networks in specific countries. Off now to look it up.