The First Purchased Content

This week the DDO group did something a little bit different. Turbine is running a sale on certain Adventure Packs, making them affordable even with the very modest quantity of points we have thus far built up. So all of us who made it to this week’s session picked up the Catacombs pack, a bread-and-butter set of instances for character leveling in the 3-5 range.

It turns out that the Catacombs (located in the Stormreach Marketplace, which is where we’re active right now,) compares very favorably to the (free) Waterworks out in the Harbor. It’s actually a bit more elaborate so far, while keeping the same basic setup: an open zone (albeit without hostiles,) which leads to a number of distinct instances, at least one of which you’ll go into twice over the course of the adventure arc. We’re probably a third of the way through the pack, and so far it’s been tremendous fun.

If anything, this small tidbit of purchased content has made me want to buy more of the premium stuff – which, I suppose, was the whole idea.

Also, the group has now mostly hit level 5. Hrakn got a set of Full Plate +3 from a quest reward, which is awesome, but unfortunately looks kind of like a set of pajamas with shoulder pads.

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One response to “The First Purchased Content

  1. This has been my experience as well – the purchased content tends to be flat-out better than the free to play stuff (including the Waterworks, which I didn’t really find all that interesting).

    After evaluating what the upper level picture looks like and determining that I’m probably going to be hesitant to repeat content the number of times it will take to get to the level cap even with all the AP’s, I decided to focus my (stash of paid) Turbine points on making the low level experience more fun for alts. I now own like half of the low level content (Catacombs, Shan-to-kor, Sharn Syndicate, Tangleroot, Delara’s, Sorrowdusk, the new Sentinels’ AP, Demon Sands, and Gianthold) and haven’t really regretted any of the purchases so far (though it might be a long time before I actually get to the high end of those).