Revisiting LotRO

I’ve now put a couple of hours into LotRO thanks to the free time mentioned in the last post. I observe that graphically, the game looks about the same as before. That is, the landscapes look quite good, and the character models look a bit weak in comparison. Also as before, I find the controls a bit unresponsive and the combat somewhat dull. But holy cow there’s a lot of content now. There was plenty before, but it seems like there’s even more to be had now.

Oddly, when I first logged into my highest-level character, an Elven Champion at 10, I found that he’d mysteriously gotten extra experience – or perhaps the requirements for leveling had slipped downward and my actual point total remained the same. At any rate, when I got my first bit of XP for killing some mob or other, I immediately jumped two full levels. After playing for only a bit (on the Book 1 chain,) I found myself at level 14.

As with every other crack I’ve had at LotRO, I come away from this one rather uninterested. It’s a good game, but there’s not much there to blow me away with fun or awesome. I am unlikely to log more than a couple more hours between now and when the promotion ends on Monday, but what I probably will do is keep it installed against the day when the next expansion shows up. One of these days I would like to give it a solid month and really try to explore the game and its systems.

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2 responses to “Revisiting LotRO

  1. I could have told you how this would go.


    Same as me. I finally deleted it permanently to never return.

    Someday, you will do the same…hehe


  2. I should note that I have not paid for LotRO since the very early days after release. But they do this free time thing semi-regularly, so I pop back in from time to time. I still think it’s a decent game, I’ve just been unable to get into it.