Wizards & Wipes

The most challenging class that I’ve tried to solo with in D&D Online and, I’m fairly sure, the most generally challenging class in the game to level, is the Wizard. As in the tabeltop version of the game, the Wizard has access to a wider variety of spells than the otherwise similar Sorcerer, but in DDO the Sorcerer’s larger number of spells per day translates into a larger pool of spell points, and a bigger benefit from a ring that’s handed out as a quest reward by the last of the Korthos Village quests.

I have dithered with the Wizard in the past, but while basically every other class I’ve tried is pretty easy to solo up to level 3 or 4, the Wizard hits that wall smack in the middle of level 1; even the three early Korthos Village quests are considerably more challenging than they would be for a Fighter, much less a Cleric, generally considered the strongest low-level soloer in the game.

Tonight I stepped back into the shoes of my original DDO character, created a couple of years ago on Khyber, a human Wizard in the classic Ardwulf mold. He’d left off early in the Korthos Village sequence, so I finished that up and ran two of the Korthos Island outdoor dungeons as well, with a pickup group that wasn’t too bad despite many grave misfortunes and an ill-considered attempt at the Cannith Aqueduct on Elite, which ended in utter Fail.

Still. I’m managing to have fun in DDO even when not stomping all over the content, and truth be told I have seldom had trouble putting a group together when I’ve tried – you’ve just got to be the person taking the initiative.

I also got the character to level 2. Hopefully I can reach 3 without a gigantic amount of trouble.

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5 responses to “Wizards & Wipes

  1. Masters Touch, with Mage Armour and/or Shield, and a two handed weapon might not sound very wizardly, but it’s working well for low level solo for me. Charm works nicely on kobolds too 😉 I suspect Hypnotism would work pretty well too.

  2. Low level as a wizard is pretty rough, but it gets better. Really it does. I hit level 6 a few minutes ago on Magikaan, so now I have Haste and Fireball, and I did it solo. Yeah, I do melee a lot more than I cast, simply due to having the low SP of a wizard, but with a 20 AC from the 2 level 1 spells, I’m not getting hit *that* much. The nice Acid Shortsword I’m using helps too 😉

  3. I played some last night and got fairly close to level 3, finishing up the Korthos Island stuff and moving on to the very early Stormreach Harbor quests. It was challenging, but honestly my biggest issue is healing right now, because I’m playing on Khyber, where I don’t have a higher-level character to finance healing potions. Maybe I should just suck it up and get a cleric hireling.

  4. I have some characters on Khyber. I think I’ve got a favored soul, actually…. If I knew when you’d be on I could help out 😉

  5. Very few of my characters level solo, although my dwarf barbarian proved pretty adept solo for most quests. Usually I pick up a group in Korthos, or rather several groups as I rarely get through the entire Korthos line in one evening. I like to repeat up to elite before moving on to the island quests, so that makes a difference to my timing.