DDO Guild Still Recruiting

Last night we finished up the Catacombs and started discussions as to what we’d be doing next while running a couple of other quests in the Marketplace. Something else that came up is that we appear to have lost a player – regrettable.

In any event, we managed a full group, but it’s been some time since I’ve mentioned that our DDO guild, the Disciples of Tharizdun, is still recruiting – and we’re even talking about setting up a second group on the Khyber server.

All readers of Ardwulf’s Lair are invited to join us. To recap, we play on Argonessen on Tuesday nights, and individuals play intermittently throughout the week. A second nigt is definitely possible. We use Skype for Voice chat for the time being.

In anyone is interested, send a tell or an in-game mail to Hrakn or Rafian on Argonessen, or Ardlen on Khyber. I’ll be looking at buying a guild charter to get the guild set up on Khyber fairly shortly.

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3 responses to “DDO Guild Still Recruiting

  1. My one character on Khyber is in a guild of one that I’d be more than happy to share, if you wanna save some cash.