Vaktor Rides Again

Money’s very tight right now, but there’s always gift cards… and I ended up dropping one on a 60-day time card for World of Warcraft, which I spent most of the day reinstalling. This is not the whole of my plan, but it’s what I managed to accomplish today.

Checking in on Vaktor, my first and only level-cap character anywhere, I killed some loose mobs, cleaned up some quests laying in my quest log, and ran several dungeons with the help of the Random Dungeon Finder. As is usual with such things, not every group was a winner. But the groups were more good than not, if untalkative.

One of the items that dropped during Culling of Stratholme was the Bronze Drake reins, which I managed to roll for. I was no less excited upon finding that this item is a guaranteed drop off of a particular boss. It is slightly discouraging that I can’t actually use it yet, not having worked up the 5K gold for epic-level flying.

Thus, my priority is going to be getting Vaktor his epic-level flying skill, followed by dual spec ability, and then (meaning ‘hopefully along the way,’) enough appropriate gear to be able to fill out the other spec. I haven’t really done much on any other characters as yet – and honestly I have no concrete plans to at the moment.

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