Vaktor in Gear

Aside from assorted work for school (and I am putting an insane amount of effort into my Calculus class in particular,) I’ve still been playing DDO as usual every Tuesday night, as well as managing to put some hours into WoW.

Regarding the former, I will hopefully have something to say after this week’s event – there’s an outside chance of hitting level 6 this week, I think, which would be nice. As for the latter, I’m making progress.

Right now my biggest push is toward amassing 5k gold with which to buy epic flight – as mentioned previously, I already have the spiffy Bronze Drake mount, I just need the riding skill. At this point I’m about 1,400 gold away, which really shouldn’t take all that long to get.

There’s also the question of gear. I’ve been filling the DPS role in Heroics using the Random Dungeon Finder, and doing credibly for the most part, although I think there’s plenty of overhead room for improvement. I had this confirmed the other day when I finally did something that was long overdue, a comprehensive review of my gear, both worn and sitting in the bank.

For one, I found that my set of tanking gear, while it looked like it was nearing completion, is nowhere near where it needs to be to actually tank in either raids or Heroics. I have a piece for almost every slot, they’re just not good enough by a long shot. This was not particularly a surprise – I’d figured I had a ways to go on it. No, the surprise was the DPS gear that I’m actually wearing, which turns out to be a giant pile of ass. Oh, every indiviudual piece is okay for something, but a number of pieces turn out to be suboptimal for DPS, some very severely.

On the plus side, I had a nice stack of Emblems of Triumph from running random dungeons, so I dropped a stack of those on the legs and shoulders from the Furious Gladiator plate set. Which by themselves made an improvement to the overall picture, but I wasn’t going to get the most out of them without slotting gems in them. Which has cost something along the lines of 350 gold to do for two of the tree available gem slots, rather a setback toward epic flight. Such is life in the World of Warcraft.

I also turned my stack of Stone Keeper’s Shards into the Black War Mammoth seen in today’s pic – the thing is huge. The next bunch will probably go toward some cloth Heirloom shoulders for the Mage I have vague plans of leveling next.

Update: As of signing off last night, I’m just over 1,000 gold away.

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One response to “Vaktor in Gear

  1. Nice to see ya back in WoW, retribution is probably my second most fun class/tree combination next to rogue/assassination.

    Its got quite an easy rotation but its drawback is it is very gear dependant i.e. if you dont have awesome gear you lag behind the rest (even outgearing them at times).

    As for the tanking set I can sympathise, I opted for duel specs and it was a beast to get the tanking gear acceptable for heroics (need decent gems and enchants), this may have changed due to uber healers on offer these days *shrug*, still I ended up selling my tank stuff and stuck to the RET PALLY SMASH school of thought.