Vaktor Flies – Really, Really Fast

As it turns out, the cost I’d been looking at for Artisan Riding was not quite right. I’d recalled that there was no faction discount on flight skills, which is no longer correct, but the trainer in Dalaran doesn’t offer one. Going to a trainer associated with a faction that I’m Exalted with shaves a whole 1k gold from the price.

Now, somewhat bizzarely, I’m not exalted with any old world faction – even my home city. I’m not sure if this is due to a lack of Exodar faction content or whether I just missed stuff on the way up. At any rate, I am exalted with Valiance Expedition – and there’s a riding trainer at Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra.

In the end, this means that I scored Epic flight a couple of days earlier than anticipated, and even had a little bit of cash left over as well. Epic flight is fast – almost three times faster than a normal flying mount, and having it makes it much more fun to travel around, much less travel around to where the dailies and such are.

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