A Modest Gear Upgrade

Having gotten epic flying and the mount out of the way, I am well and truly into the gear grind of WoW endgame play. Right now, this means running lots of Heroics using the RDF tool, and arranging gear upgrades. Tonight saw, most probably, the biggest one-day gear upgrade I’ve had.

I’ve been running Heroics and am slowly (well, not that slowly, really,) putting together the Tier 9 Ret Pally armor set. Piece number two arrived tonight, to replace the somewhat crappy dungeon drop helm I’d been wearing. Is verra nice.

Now, while it is possible to upgrade armor to a large extent by running Heroics, it’s really not possible to upgrade your weapon in the same way (i. e. by spending Emblems of Triumph,) unless you’re fortunate enough to have something drop. In the case of the Ret Pally, that something is the Tyrannical Beheader, a two-handed axe that drops off the last boss in the Heroic version of Pit of Saron, the middle of the three Icecrown Citadel five-mans.

Many, many months ago, I ran Pit of Saron on normal difficulty when it was new. It was challenging but we (the RDF group) managed it. For the past few days, however, I have been trying to use the RDF to get into HPoS, and either failing, or landing with a group that chokes on the instance. Repair bills came to about 100 gold, but the cost in frustration after repeated wipes was even higher.

This was not due to landing with choads in the RDF PuGs. Not exclusively, anyway… Pit of Saron is actually pretty unforgiving as WoW dungeons go. I won’t say the most difficult (although it could be for all I know – but on normal difficulty Halls of Reflection was tougher,) but certainly there’s less margin for error than in your typical WotLK five-man, and one tough and one outright tricky boss fight.

Tonight, after eight wipes and having to replace multiple players who fled from the fabulous display of fail, we finally made it up to face Scourgelord Tyrannus, who was ironically kind of a pussy after the rest of the dungeon. Tyrannus spanked, the Beheader dropped… and I got it.

It remains to be seen how big a difference the two upgrades will make – and I still need to get gems into the helm. But right now I am very pleased, and the result feels worth the two frustrating evenings I spent wiping repeatedly.

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One response to “A Modest Gear Upgrade

  1. Nice, the beheader is a solid upgrade for sure. I still have it on my Ret pala although I aint raiding and don’t think i can get better anyway.

    For a little bit extra dps I’d throw on the Berserking enchant. Not only will it boost dps it is a red enchant which drips like blood :).

    As for the PoS, it can be frustrating without a good tank/healer. The trash mobs after the second boss doing the damage. To play your part as a ret pala switch your aura to fire resistance to deal with the first two clumps of trash mobs. The fire guys really pump out alot of AoE dps.