A WoW-Intensive Weekend

I found the whole Pit of Saron experience very draining, despite the rewards at the end – and I’d forgotten to mention the iLvl 232 writs which also dropped during the instance.

So yesterday, Mrs. Ardwulf and I worked in a long session of leveling our Hunter/Priest pair, gaining 3 levels toward our immediate goal of 35 (we’re now at 32.) The lovely Mrs. has had her tailoring capped for ages and want to be able to craft into the next level, for which we have ample supplies of cloth.

Something we arrange a couple of weeks ago which I haven’t mentioned until now was the “family” guild we created, mostly for the bank space but also for the ability to design our own tabards. Vaktor (the only 80 of the bunch) remains connected to my regular guild, although he’s helping finance bank slots and such. We’re now up to four of these, and it’s still not enough for an array of crafting alts. After hitting 35, I guess we’ll push for 60, although I’d lke to get to our paired Druids who have been sitting forever at 46 as well.

I also started a Gnome Rogue just to fool around with. To do this, I had to delete characters, so my entire array of alts Hordeside went away, save only my level 62 Orc Hunter. None of them had been higher than level 13 anyway, and at this point I have firmly decided in favor of the Alliance side, despite my strong initial affinity for the Horde.

I may, however, start a Tauren Paladin when Cataclysm hits, along with the Worgen I also plan to start; I’m debating Priest or Warlock on that front, but I have time to make up my mind. I would like to see the Goblin starting areas as well, but I’ll probably do that on a different server.

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3 responses to “A WoW-Intensive Weekend

  1. The 3 ice crown dungeons whilst well designed become all too familiar and repetitive far too fast for my liking. It remains however the easiest way to get half decent gear so you just have to suck it up and get on with it.

    Your gaming sounds alarmingly similar to my own however I started a ‘real life friends’ guild which brings all our mains and alts together 🙂

    As for Alliance or Horde, I think I’m gonna stick with the Horde from here on in. I started as alliance then moved to horde since the burning crusade expansion. Ive since bounced between the two (using faction transfer 😦 damn you blizzard!) but have been charmed into sticking with Horde and rolling Goblin.

  2. I chose Alliance because a) that’s where my guild is, and b) that’s what Mrs. Ardwulf likes to play. After much deliberation I just decided to go whole-hog and focus on Alliance. I will still dabble with Hordies, mind.

    As for the ICC 5-mans, I’ve still only run Halls of Reflection once; the RDF doesn’t seem to fire them all that often.

  3. It just dawned me to do the same thing today for my multibox team. Managing items and consumables has been tiresome. So glad that I did.