Assorted Ramblings

Vaktor is not yet well-entrenched enough at 80 to be able to finance our private guild to the extent we’d like. He still has a bunch of things to acquire for himself, including Dual Spec and what will amount to a lot of gems for various gear pieces – not to mention the pieces themselves, which at least do not cost gold.

Playing for a while on my new Rogue yesterday remined me why I freaking hate the Dun Morogh starting zone: you advance fast, but not fast enough to keep up with the mobs in a couple of places in the zone, to which you really have to gho unless you want to grind. Which is admittedly quick at this level. After 2 hours or so I have him up to level 9.

Mrs. Ardwulf also started a Pally – one of two classes on which I can actually offer her decent spec advice – and, as usual, she’s progressing faster than me.

Vaktor is sitting mostly idle right now in Stormwind; I’ll get back to him soon but right now the bigger effort is getting one of Mrs. Ardwulf’s characters to 80. Which character that will be is still up in the air but right now we’re focused on the Hunter/Priest combo. Her characters are almost all in the 20-30 range, except the new Pally and the Druid. Our Hunter and Priest are at 33, so we’ll be shooting for 35 tonight.

I greatly desire to await Cataclysm and flight in the old world to farm ore so that I can raise Vaktor’s Blacksmithing up from where it’s currently stuck (at 179, which is about where all my tradeskills seem to plateau.) The other night I actually pushed my Druid through the Leatherworking plateau; he’s now at about 230, which is where he should be considering what he’s gathering right now.

No DDO last night – this is the first week we’ve missed since starting.


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