The Week in WoW

Vaktor is still working toward completing his T9 Ret set. I’m close to getting the next piece, but have been occupied with other things, namely:

  • There was a Horde raid on Alliance cities the other day; I jumped in on the defense. We held them at the last city they hit, Ironforge. This kind of thing is no doubt old hat for many WoW players, but I hadn’t seen a big raid on a home city before while it was actually happening.
  • Just for the hell of it, I keyed for and soloed Scholomance. The difficulty was trivial, but the place is a gold mine for Runecloth drops – eight stacks plus for less than a full clear went to Mrs. Ardwulf’s Tailor.
  • The paired Druids that Mrs. Ardwulf and I are playing are now level 50. We’re working Tanaris at the moment and will probably go to Un’Goro Crater (one of my favorite old-world zones,) next. Then Felwood.
  • Interestingly, Mrs. Ardwulf’s Druid is now high enough for her to cheese me through some of the lower-level dungeons. We’ll probably put together a run on Deadmines for my Rogue some time soon, but I’d like to get him a couple more levels first.
  • Our Priest/Hunter combo hit level 35. This opens up a new crafting tier, which the Priest has been sitting on the edge of for a long time; my Hunter is nowhere near the next tier of Engineering. The need for vast quantities of Iron is also holding up Vaktor’s Blacksmithing.
  • On the plus side, Vaktor’s Mining is now high enough for him to mine in Northrend. I’m a few pips shy of 400 (needed to mine Saronite) yet. My Druid’s Skinning is up to 315 or so and thus well into Outland levels. I need a lot of Thick Leather to advance further, but I’ve managed to get his Leatherworking up to about 230. This is a record for me.
  • My guild launched an off-night raid on the Plague Quarter of Naxx, which I jumped in on. This was my very first raid experience, and while we did wipe a couple of times, we took down all three bosses and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully there will be more raiding in the near future. In particular I would like to run Molten Core, since I expect it to change with (or soon after) Catacylsm.

One response to “The Week in WoW

  1. nice, sounds like you have been keeping yourself nice and busy.

    With my level 80 pala I have been joining up with a level 70 raiding guild to do runs of Black Temple etc, whilst the gear is no good to me its great to see content I’d previously missed.

    I too am wanting to visit moltencore and black wing lair for the same reason.

    I kinda hope these old raids get reused somehow although Im sure people will QQ about it not being ‘new content’, it seems a bit of a waste for them to be sitting relatively dormant.