LotRO to go Free-to-Play

Turbine flatly said they wouldn’t, but it’s been confirmed this morning that LotRO is going free to play, closely following the DDO model.

I may have more to say about this later. In particular, it made a lot of sense for a struggling DDO to make this move. What does it mean when the very successful LotRO does it as well?

3 responses to “LotRO to go Free-to-Play

  1. This is crazy! I see LotRO having a similar success as DDO but on a larger scale.

    Turbine seems to be on to something here.

  2. I may actually play it from time to time once this happens. And I’m the kind of person that does use the “points store” so as a result, they’ll be getting money from me for it, where currently they are not because I’m not willing to add another monthly sub to the 2 I already have.