Something I Just Don’t Get

And never will:

“I hope this destroys the game so that Turbine, and the rest of the industry, learn a lesson that should never have been necessary.”

I mean, why would anybody say that? Are you playing LotRO? How are you invested in this? Why do you care that a game you’re not playing should fail?

In my considered opinion, it smacks of spite, heartlessness and childish petulance to say that because I disapprove of some particular move a developer makes, that the game should go under so that those people who do enjoy it shouldn’t be able to anymore. What a puerile thing to say.

Syp has the rundown on the MMO Blogosphere’s reactions, by the way. That reaction seems to be more positive than not.

6 responses to “Something I Just Don’t Get

  1. I hope it’s a big success and leads to a lot more AAA titles adopting the model.

    Ever since I played Wizard 101 I thought this choice of All-You-Can-Eat and A La Carte dining withn the same game restaurant was the way to go.

  2. I just shake my head when I encounter that mindset. I also count the days when Guild Wars 2 launches as well and shows the people married to subscription models and general negativity that there is more than one way to skin this cat, and they are not the only type of gamer in town.

    LOTRO didn’t turn out to be the kind of game I wanted to play, but whatever the reason behind the F2P decision I think it’s a good move in general and will ultimately prove an improvement in LOTRO’s overall reception and the number of people playing.

  3. Ya that post was a shocker. So much hate and anger over something that really isn’t that bad. My guess is he saw the news title, and just started writing. Although Keen does have a tradition of F2P hate mongering. Kinda lost some respect for him with that post though 😦

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