A Cataclysmic Shift

The folks over at WoWHead fished a ton of new Cataclysm information out of Blizzard, which got posted this morning. Here’s some highlights:

Path of the Titans has been scrapped, as such. Turns out that it worked out to be something that resembled an expansion of the glyph system, so that’s how it’s going into the game; there will be medium glyphs as well as the major and minor ones already in the game. The major ones will be the ones with big game effects, while the medium and minor ones will be aimed at cosmetic and customization stuff.

Along these lines, Archaeology will become an actual secondary tradeskill. As it was it was sounding like it was going to be both effectively mandatory (since Path of the Titans advancement was tied to it,) and a huge grind to advance. Now it’s sounding a lot more like EQ2’s collectibles/shinies system, giving you cosmetic stuff and fun doodads.

Stormwind and Orgrimmar are being massively revamped, as we already knew: Both cities get secondary trade districts, while Stormwind gets a new park and Org gets Goblin slums.

The city changes say to me that Blizzard is looking to make Orgrimmar and Stormwind into real factional capitals which are a hub of factional activity, rather than providing a neutral, boring sanctuary city (which we already knew they weren’t doing.) This should split the population between two cities, which are also more spread out geographically than the current ones. Hopefully this will keep lag down rather than bringing Dalaran-style lag to the old world.

There’s other stuff that concerns raids and such that I don’t feel much qualified to comment on just yet, so head on over there and read away if you haven’t already. Also, there’s a movie showing some of the zone changes:


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