APB Incoming

Thanks to Massively, I just grabbed myself a “Key to the City” (open beta key, basically,) for All Points Bulletin. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the Grand Theft Auto ‘genre’, and I don’t think that APB looks quite like what we MMO people would look for in an MMO… but I have to admit that GTA itself is a hell of a lot of fun, and that it was one of the titles I made it a point to pick up when I got a PS3. So I’ve had half an eye on this title for a while now.

Brent (Br3ntbr0) over at I’m Talkin’ Games has a nice video of the gameplay:

Brent sold me hard on Warhammer Online with videos just like this. WoWFony has another video dealing with APB’s onboard music editor, which is really a pretty nifty feature:

I have the client downloading now; the key allows you unlimited access (until the 19th, when the demo period ends,) to the game’s ‘social’ areas, which is where you can play with character customization and the music editor, and five hours in the ‘action’ zones, which are where the gameplay takes place. Looks like it’ll be downloading for a while yet, but hopefully I will have some thoughts after fooling with it for a while. Meanwhile, check out what Brent has to say over at ITG.

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