Weekend Crafting and Tanking

Readers may recall my whining a while back about Vaktor’s Blacksmithing having stalled in the sub-200 range when his leveling speed far outstripped his ability to gather materials for crafting. Well, the situation’s improved, somewhat. After several tours through Badlands trawling for Iron and Mithril and dumping about 300 gold on the AH, I have him up to 240 or so. Which is not where he should be, but it feels like a big improvement. If I can get him to the 300 neighborhood I have a large stock of Fel Iron bars set aside.

Not only that, but I have Leatherworking and Engineering in roughly the same neighborhood on two other characters – both of whom are considerably lower-level. And Mrs. Ardwulf handed Jewelcrafting off to me, since I’d been hoarding all the minerals anyway, and I have that up to 140 or so on another character.

I’ve also been running random mid-20s dungeons with my tank-specced warrior, which has generally gone well, although there have been a couple of wipes along with a nightmare 2+ hour Gnomeregan run where we simply couldn’t stop getting idiots involved doing stupid shit like insisting on using a Voidwalker or running out of bullets mid-dungeon. I can claim that none of the wipes were my fault, at least – I’ve not held aggro perfectly (especially with that Voidwalker dickhead tagging along,) but generally I’ve held things together and not done anything catastrophically stupid like getting lost in Gnomeregan.

So I’m finding tanking dungeons generally fun so far. This is new – my previous tanking experience was limited to holding aggro off Mrs. Ardwulf in bear form.

The other (minor) WoW news is that I got authenticators for both me and Mrs. Ardwulf. I got really paranoid about it seeing characters running around in Tanaris which had obviously been hacked and were being botted. Plus cute core hound pups.


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