Fire Festival!

For all I know this may be a minority position – and I certainly haven’t particpated in all of them – but the Midsummer Fire Festival is my favorite WoW seasonal event. This year is the first time I have been able to fully participate in it – last year at this time my highest-level character (which was Vaktor then too,) was still in the low 70s. And while I did a good amount of Fire Festival stuff last year, none of it was with Vaktor.

So this year I wanted to see the whole event. First thing this morning I went and killed Frost Lord Ahune, which dropped the Strength DPS cloak for me on the first try. I then set about the lengthy process of honoring Alliance fires and putting out Horde ones. My second session started at about 10:30 PM and finished this process up. So I have all of the Midsummer achievements except the one where you have to juggle torches in Dalaran, which I’m going to try but am not at all looking forward to.

This year’s Fire Festival is about identical to last year, except that Ahune is now accessed strictly through the Random Dungeon Finder, is level 82, and drops a couple of nice pieces for level 80s. Not earthshaking gear, but like I said, the cloak was one of my bigger holes that I’m looking to fill, and this way I can drop my slowly-increasing Emblems of Frost on some other piece. Truth be told, I’m still sporting some blue stuff that needs to be replaced very soon. I will likely make do with PvP gear until something good drops in PvE – it’ll still be a big upgrade.

Best moment of the night? I was heading down the docks at Auberdine to hop on the boat to Azuremyst, and saw a scuffle with a red name ahead of me. I might not otherwise have bothered, but when I saw our guild name on the guy he was fighting, I had to help out, and together we stomped this (apparently) prot pally into the ocean. Turned out the guildie was our guildmaster, which I hadn’t even known until he started thanking me in chat for saving his behind (I suspect he was being exceptionally generous with his praise.) It was a cool moment.

2 responses to “Fire Festival!

  1. The fire festival has always been my favorite as well. There’s no RNG involved, and there’s a certain nostalgia value to spending an evening on traveling the world to see the sights and tag a bunch of fires. (Also, this is worth a ton of exp for alts, especially if the local bonfire in your zone is lit, given you an exp and combat buff.)