Origins Spotlight: 40KOrigins is a group of fans local to Columbus (with some additional folks in accursed Michigan,) who have put a massive amount of time, effort and money into putting together and promoting a huge series of events and tournaments at this year’s show. Among those events is a gigantic event tomorrow in the Apocalypse format, projected for 400,000+ points. For those not familiar with the points system used for 40K, this amount of points is beyond huge. I’m planning on getting some pictures of the event to post tomorrow.

I spoke today to two members of the group, Jim Leitzel and Doug Houseman, and what struck me in our discussion was that 40KOrigins isn’t a company-sponsored group; , they’re just a group of enthusiasts who saw a greater need for a 40K presence at Origins and decided to do something about it. Although they’re getting some support (in the form of prizes,) from local stores in the Columbus area, they’re getting absolutely no help from Games Workshop. Despite the fact that they’re doing a tremendous job promoting one of GW’s product lines at one of North America’s premier gaming events – a responsibility that GW itself seems to have abdicated, as they haven’t had an official presence here in many years, and the presence of their games has waned precipitously.

These guys are shooting to run the largest 40K game ever played tomorrow. Anyone at the show owes it to themselves to drop by the miniatures hall tomorrow (the thing will probably be running most of the day,) to check it out – and play in it, if possible. What 40K player wouldn’t want to be a participant in the biggest 40K game ever, in what is sure to be one of the most memorable events from this year’s show?

Also, the winners’ trophies are very slick. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of them as well.


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