Origins Spotlight: Atlas Games

I took the opportunity to sit down this afternoon with Bobbie Olson, freelancer and self-described “warehouse monkey and office troll” for Atlas Games.

Atlas’ big push this year is for a card game called Renfaire, which came out very late last year year and is the company’s biggest release so far this year. It’s up for an Origins Award for best children’s, family or party game. It sounds pretty neat, and given the interests of Mrs. Ardwulf and I, I strongly suspect that this game will end up on my own shelf at some point. Atlas also has an expansion out for Mad Scientist University on the spring break theme.

I focused my questions, though, on Ars Magica, the premier game for roleplaying wizards (and not coincidentally one of my personal favorite games.) Bobbie says that the line is doing very well and told me about a couple of new books in the works, including one on ancient Rome and Greece. Alas that she couldn’t give me a firm title or a release date, but it likely will not be out by GenCon.

There’s also – and this may be surprising to many – some stuff in the works for Unknown Armies. I didn’t get anything firm on it (yet,) but I’m very happy that this remarkable game will be getting some more love soon. I’ll try to corner Jeff Tidball at the show and pry some information out of him.


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