Ardwulf Does Origins, Day 2

As a general rule, any game that I would like to play in at Origins is sold out by the time I try to buy tickets for it. Thus it was today with Fantasy Flight GamesTwilight Imperium a title I own and like very much but don’t get to play very often because it’s huge and time-consuming.

I did spend quite a lot of time strolling through the dealer’s room talking to people and browsing, and picked up a couple of bargain buys – AEG’s Empire (an oldish d20 product that I’d been on the prowl for,) and the Kingdoms of Kalamar Atlas, another one of those books I owned but foolishly sold off at some point.

Brian O’Halloran of Clerks fame is here, by the way – I’ve seen him several times already, but as a general rule I’m not interested in bugging celebrities.

I also had to throw some drunk out of the press room. It’s not as entertaining a story as it might be, however.

Update: I also scored a couple of trial codes for Star Trek Online and Champions Online. Those will get some use fairly soon.


2 responses to “Ardwulf Does Origins, Day 2

  1. White Wolf/CCP is not exhibiting. There’s people running some of their games, of course. I’m actually trying to run down where the video game stuff is happening right now.