Origins Spotlight: The Return of the Folio Wargame

Origins has its origins (ha!) in the hobby of tabletop board wargaming. It was started in 1975 in part by Avalon Hill, and has a long tradition of supporting wargaming. With the graying of the wargaming hobby that’s declined a great deal in recent years.

But there are two bright lights at this year’s show. One is Decision Games‘ new series of folio titles, which will be launching shortly but unfortunately weren’t ready for Origins. These harken back to SPI’s old folio and quad titles – relatively simple, quick-play games that are priced at the entry level (most will be $19.95,) and aimed at introducing new players to the wargaming hobby. Many of the titles are in fact revised version of SPI classics such as Kasserine and Bastogne, which Decision now owns the rights to. Board wargaming has long needed this kind of entry-level product, and it’s gratifying to see that Decision will have a whole line of them out in the next few weeks – and they’re not all World War II titles, either. The whole list includes such battles as Leipzig, Shiloh and the Golan Heights.

As for the other wargaming highlight of the show… well, stay tuned.

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