Origins 2010 Wrap

Well, another Origins is over, and from all accounts the show was very successful. Word is that attendance was up a whopping 20% over last year, and the dealers that I talked to all said that sales were up significantly. The Board Room ribbons, which had projected to sell a few hundred, broke 1500 sold and had to be capped because there physically wasn’t enough room in the area, even after adding a couple dozen tables.

While I left Origins with less swag than is typical, and played only a couple of games, I still had a fantastic time. I was a regular attendee of Origins even before I lived in town (8 minute drive from home to the convention center FTW,) so I’ll definitely be back next year.

I leave with a strong hankering to do more boardgaming over the coming year. I’ll probably post updates on how that goes as things develop.

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