The Disciples Conquer!

This was the Disciples’ first regular play night after the big Update 5 expansion to guilds, and it went fairly well. We started the evening in House Kundarak, where we conquered the Ruined Halls. Last week, however, we were flummoxed by Taming the Flames, and while we did a bit better this week with a full group, we couldn’t quite complete it. We may try again next week.

After that bust, we hopped over to House Jorasco to tackle Redwillow’s Ruins, quite a big outdoor adventure with several mini-dungeons and a sub-instance at the end where you fight a bunch of hill giants. We ran it once with a full group on Normal and then again, short a man, on Hard, and completed it both times, but we had some lag issues during the second run as well as one occurrence of the server just taking a crap and booting everyone. But we finished it.

You get guild renown from four things that we’ve seen so far: each encounter gives you a small amount, finishing an adventure gives you some more, and there are also chest drops and selectable quest rewards that give it to you – and sometimes quite a lot: one token that dropped for me gave us a massive chunk of 500 renown. Guild renown is not the same thing as character renown, nor is it tied to it, except in the sense that some of the same stuff that gives you character renown also nets you guild renown.

We finished up the evening at guild level 4, pretty good for the first night, I think. Hopefully we’ll get farther along next week.

Also, I should mention again that we are still recruiting. To recap the basic information, we are on Argonessen and currently have one Tuesday night static group, plus sporadic play on various alts throughout the week. We use Skype for voice chat – I’m on there as Ardwulf. Interested persons should send me an e-mail using the link in the right-hand sidebar, and we’ll arrange to get you set up in the guild.

ADDENDUM: Guild renown is not, as it turns out, encounter-driven. It seemed like that to us because we’d get points about every encounter, but it turns out that every killed mob has a percentage change to award renown. This scales up or down based on your level relative to the adventure’s level.


3 responses to “The Disciples Conquer!

  1. And of course the screenie was taken after I had to bail 😦 Wish I could have stayed for the 2nd run, but IRL called.

  2. We played until about 1AM, which I think is a record for us. But with the lag and the big disconnect (and the mini-dungeon with the traps, which cost several lives without a rogue to detect and disarm them,) it was somewhat frustrating.

    About all you really missed was being in the screenshot; XP-wise, you’re a bit ahead of all of us anyway.

  3. That mini-dungeon with the traps is indeed a frustration if you don’t have a sufficiently skilled rogue along. I ran Redwillow a couple of weeks ago on normal with my warforged rogue in a party. Had no trouble disabling the traps, but the amusing thing was my spot is actually a little low so I had to team up with a high spot character on a couple of the boxes, with him spotting the box so I could disable the trap.