The Disciples Ding!

I’ve been playing a lot of DDO this week. Not only did our Tuesday night static group have a marathon session lasting until 1 AM, but I’ve been doing some solo stuff since then.

The Disciples of Tharizdun made terrific progress, adding a new member last night as well as hitting guild level 5, the perk for which is being able to send guild invites through the mail. Not an earth-shattering boon, but handy. As of just now we’re not all that far away from level 6, which gets us a discount at Divine reagent vendors, which will certainly be helpful to our Clerics. I appear to be the only guild member without a Divine spellcaster, which is fine by me.

I do, however, have an Arcane spellcaster, who has been sitting more or less idle for many weeks. So I’ve been pushing with him to try to get him to level 3, which is the point at which Wizards start to suck less (at level 3 you get access to level 2 spells, which helps a lot.) I’ve been repeating some quests for the guild renown tokens, and at this point I have him up to Rank 9, which is 2 ranks away from level 3. He’s done everything on Korthos Island except for Misery’s Peak, which is not only the highest-level (at level 2) dungeon on the island, but by far the longest. And, I must admit, my least favorite, although it’s quite neat on a number of levels.


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  1. I joined a random guild last night just to check out the guild leveling system. I have to say, I’m fairly impressed by it.

  2. *sputter*

    You joined a random guild when you could hang out with all the cool kids?

    @Magson: Pure caster. I’m not a fan of the Master’s Touch build, although it’s better for soloing in some respects.

  3. Unfortunately, I’m on Khyber at the moment. I’m actually considering starting some ‘toons on your server just to join your guild. And by all means, if there is a Khyber branch, I’m all over it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We do have alts on Khyber that get played very occasionally, for the extra favor gain. However, with the new guild leveling in place, that’s liable to go away for the foreseeable future as we concentrate on leveling the guild on Argonessen, to which you should consider yourself to have a standing invite. What levels are your characters on Khyber?

  5. Misery’s Peak can be frustrating, particularly that it’s taken me a good dozen runs across various characters to even begin to not get lost on certain sections of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Could I get in on that guild option as an occasionally playing player? I have a level 6 elf tempest ranger, a level 4 dwarf barbarian, and a rogue 3/fighter 1/wizard 1 warforged on Argo. Technically I also have a level 5 dwarf paladin, but he was my first ever char and I’m going to dump him when I feel like logging into him and sorting through his stuff to transfer/sell before deleting.

  6. Hmm. And I managed to leave out the other half of my comment on Misery’s Peak. I do love the cinematic parts in MP. Every time I run it, I admit I still stop to watch the dragon tromp through under the ice. And most of the time I stick around to watch the mindflayer’s fate.

    I also have a very fond memory of joining a group late, and learning that under the right circumstances and with some utterly insane button mashing and movement, my punching and spinning monk could simultaneously take on 6-8 angry enemies the party had left behind, and though roughly handled could come out the last one standing.

  7. @Johnathan: Yes, you’re totally invited. For all the talk of late about guild progress and whatnot, we are a thoroughly casual guild and don’t require anybody to fit into the main group (or any side groups.) And you may find that we’re doing a fair bit of pickup play as well on various evenings.

    Get me character names (either here or via e-mail) and I will send out invites via the in-game mail.

    EDIT: Come to think of it, I need an e-mail adresss on file for everybody, so use the link in the blog’s sidebar. I can get your invites out very quickly.

  8. Email sent.

    I’m pondering adding some sort of warforged caster to my repertoire, but haven’t decided what kind. That self-repair ability is so very temptingly fun to play with.

  9. Warforged Casters are fun. We’ve already got a WF Rogue/Wizard in the guild. The more the merrier!

  10. One of mine (all of which are now in) is a Rogue with single levels of wizard and fighter splashed in. But I’m tempted by the idea of a full on caster.

  11. Long-time reader, first time commenter I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I recently started back up in DDO (having “retired” from WoW) and created a couple toons on Cannith with the intention to join the Massively night. However, I’m behind the curve and the start up time is a little early for me. Very tempted to roll up a new character on your server; it sounds like a great casual group that would provide me a comfortable mechanism to try out grouping (everything I’ve done has been solo thus far). I’ll drop you a line if you’re interested in having me. Thanks!

  12. Yes, you’re absolutely welcome to join us. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We are indeed very friendly and casual. And we’re looking to start up a dry run of a second group in the early levels as early as this thursday.

    Send me an e-mail (with character names) and I’ll get you onto the mailing list, and you can start discussing the various plans we have going right now. The sooner the better!