Late to Various Parties

Last night I hit Molten Core with my WoW guild, which does these kinds of retro-raids on a semi-regular basis. With eight level 80s and a level 66, it obviously was a pushover as far as challenge level goes, but it was still fun. And it was neat to get to see Ragnaros for the first time.

As I think I’ve mentioned, I expect Molten Core to get removed, changed or updated to level 85 in the wake of Cataclysm’s release. Ragnaros is a major player in the events of the expansion, so it’d make sense to make the same kind of adjustment that was made to Onyxia.

I’ve also been dabbling a bit in Champions Online and Guild Wars. I still think CO is a lot more fun than CoH (despite having a high regard for CoH in general.) And Guild Wars is, bluntly, the only title that approaches DDO in quality in the non-subscription market. (I prefer DDO – see the last post for why – but there’s no denying that GW is a triple-A quality game.)

It’s also one of these games I’ve never gotten very far in for whatever reason. In the past I’ve blamed the controls, which are more reminiscent of the control scheme in a Korean grinder than they are of the traditional western MMO. But I’d realized that DDO’s controls are just as different, so I figured I’d give it another shot.

With a new character, of course; I made an Assassin in Factions that’s just finalized Warrior as his secondary profession, and has hit level 7 – which is one off from my previous peak (Warrior/Ranger in Prophecies.) It seems more fun this time around.

Part of any newfound interest I have in Guild Wars, of course, is the in-development Guild Wars 2, which I think is going to be the MMO to watch over the next two years or so. (SWTOR will do well, of course, but I think GW2 might top it in terms of long-term popularity. Depends what we hear from PAX.)


One response to “Late to Various Parties

  1. the leveling curve in factions is pretty quick. far more streamlined than prophecies. a lot of people don’t start there simply because much of the city areas are considered ugly.

    as an assassin/warrior get “watch yourself!”