Irons in the Fire

After a couple of weeks playing a ton of DDO and getting a variety of alts about where I’d like them to be, and bearing in mind that we now have regular groups playing two nights a week, I’m taking something breaklike by playing something else during the day.

So what else am I playing?

Guild Wars lasted a couple of days and about 6 hours in total before I got frustrated with it again. I’m not uninstalling it but I have no desire to play any more of it right now.

There’s also World of Warcraft, which I’m playing about once a week. My subscription runs out in a couple of weeks and if I were making the decision right now, I would let it lapse. I’m just not playing it enough, and while I was playing a ton for a while there, I needed a (non-permanent) break from it.

I scored a 10-day trial key for Star Trek Online at Origins. I just activated that and will be giving it a whirl in the next few days. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about it.

I think that the NDA allows me to reveal that I’m in the LotRO F2P beta. Can’t say anything else, although I’ll tell you that I’ve spent some time with it.

Lastly, there’s Champions Online, to which I have a lifetime sub and which I figured this would be a good time to get back to. I spent a good chunk of the morning playing it and it’s just as fun as I remembered it, although the pace of its action is very different than that of DDO and that took some adjustment. I’ve been playing Matterhorn, my might-based brick, who is feeling incredibly badass right now.

So right now I’m primarily playing DDO and CO. Here’s hoping I’ll get out a post or three on one or both in the next couple of days.

8 responses to “Irons in the Fire

  1. What do you think it was about Guild Wars that frustrated you out of the game (besides the fact that Factions is pretty bleh IMHO)? Is it a recurring problem, or different things rubbing you the wrong way?

    I’ve seen several bloggers just fail to connect with it, so I’m curious :).

  2. You know, I have the same problem with Guild Wars and I don’t understand why, either. I should *love* that game; the concepts are all things that I like – the limited hotbar, heroes/henchman concept; good plot. I can’t put my finger on it, but I can’t help but wonder if some of it is just being so late to the party when I tried it.

    On the flip side, having a great time in DDO and ready to party with some guildies sometime soon, I hope!

  3. @Randomessa: I play until I get stuck on a mission and give up, basically. In this case it’s one of the Assassin’s Sigil (or whatever) training missions. This seems to happen every time I try GW, whether in Prophecies or Factions.

    @Drew: Tuesday nights is the main group, which is hovering around level 7. This thursday we’re planning a second get-together (8-11 PM EST) for a group around level 2-4.

  4. Armadillo’s right, I think, the NDA does prevent you from saying you’re in the beta. Not that the beta lasts much longer, if I remember correctly. Doesn’t it end the 15th or something?

    DDO I’m doing, of course as you know. Guild Wars I haven’t tried.

    I did take a stab at the APB beta. I won’t be playing it retail since I can’t afford subscriptions, and I hated the driving as we already know. But other than that, I liked it. They did a great job of the world there. Easy to immerse in.

    I wanna try STO sometime even though I know I won’t get a subscription.

    I’ve dithered about trying Guild Wars. Somehow it feels like a major investment I’ve never gotten up the will to try.

    And I’m still playing Mass Effect on the single-player front.

  5. I can understand about getting stuck on a mission; it’s a common stalling point for me (I’m stuck on two right now!), although I’m now so far in the game that there are a number of things for me to work on at any given time.

    What made an enormous difference for me when I first started out was playing with friends until the humps became fewer and farther between. I know people tout GW for its solo ease, but I’m not sure I would have stuck with the game if I weren’t always running around with other people for the first six months or so.

    Even if you decide not to continue on (sadly), I highly recommend to any other readers to rope your friends in when you play, or join a guild as soon as possible.

    P.S. I remember the Assassin’s Insignia quest *snarl*! It’s totally an example of Factions being mean!

  6. Around me, Half Price Books tends to have copies of the edition of Guild Wars that contains Prophecies (which is the original campaign,) along with Eye of the North for $10.

    I’m not impressed by STO so far, but I’m not done with it yet.