Ardwulf the Betrayer

One of my existing characters came out of the break as a level 12 Warlock, based in Freeport. Tired of getting kicked around by the guards (this literally happens in Freeport,) and desiring after playing for a couple of levels to switch over to the “mirror image” class (Wizard,) I decided to betray Freeport and move to Qeynos.

The betrayal questlines are very popular with long-time EQ2 players, but despite having spent what I’d characterize as a fair amount of time playing EQ2, I’d never seen them. I’d changed citizenship a couple of times, of course, but that’s not the same, and all it amounts to is going to see a questgiver in your current city, then trotting up to the new one and turning in the quest there.

To recap for those not in the know: EQ2 has two alignments, good and evil, which work more or less like factions in WoW or WAR do. Your initial faction is determined by your starting city, your choices for which are in turn determined by your race. Classes have alignments, too; while some classes are neutral and you can pick them in any city, others are good or evil and you can only pick them in cities of the appropriate alignment. The Warlock, for example, is actually a neutral class; I could have chosen it had I picked a good starting city, or gone with Wizard had I stuck with evil.

In EQ2 you can actually change your faction, however, which means in practice that there are no racial limitations on classes, and that you can ultimately take a character of an evil race and switch him over to good. If you have an aligned (non-neutral) class, you will have to change to the mirror class of the opposite alignment when you make the final transition.

The betrayal line consists of three parts. In the first, you find some disaffected citizens of your current city and do several quests for them, by the end of which you’ll have ruined your reputation with your current city and become an Exile.

As an exile, you have your own “city,” Haven, but it’s kind of a craphole, with no housing and no access to shared bank slots. Now, there are several different ways you can play this. You can remain an Exile as long as you like, even indefinitely. That’ll make some quests harder to get and/or complete, since you’ll need to sneak in and out of cities which now hate you, but for some classes this is a trivial barrier, and it’s surmountable by anybody by sneaking in through the underworld. (Both Freeport and Qeynos boast extensive and labyrinthine sewers under their respective cities.)

Or you can pick a new city at this time (if you haven’t already,) and start doing quests that will raise your rep with them to the point where you can apply for citizenship. I’ve just passed the betrayal stage and am now in the rep-grinding phase. I’ll be sure to squawk about how long that takes once it’s done.

One response to “Ardwulf the Betrayer

  1. Rep grinding in Kelethin is far faster and easier than in Qeynos. You can have your betrayal completed there in just a couple of hours and there’s far less running around than there is in Qeynos as well.

    I don’t know if you have seen the GU57 release notes, but they are changing the several classes to be neutral. Monks and Bruisers, Inquisitors and Templars, Rangers and Assassins, and finally Coercers and Illusionists are all being made neutral.

    And then of course I’m a little excited about this: “Updated visuals have been added to all PC Spell and Combat Arts.” Yippee!

    Bunches of other stuff too. Best compilation I’ve found for EQ2 news is