Announcing the Ebon Tribunal, an EverQuest II Extended Guild

Our DDO Guild, the Disciples of Tharizdun, while small of membership, has been a great success as far as I’m concerned. In our discussion last night, we have decided to venture into EverQuest II Extended as well. All readers of Ardwulf’s lair are invited to apply.

The guild’s page is HERE, and a statement of purpose and a charter draft are already up and available for viewing by the public. There are also full forums. You don’t have to be in with our DDO bunch to join; in fact I intend to recruit widely and vigorously, and have already started doing so in various places including the recently-launched EQ2X Forums.

However, the governing philosophy of the DDO group, that of being ultra-friendly and catering to various playstyles, carries over into the Ebon Tribunal. Read the stuff over on the page and if the guild sounds good to you, or if you’ve always wanted to try EQ2 but never felt like taking the retail box/subscription plunge, click on the “Join the Ebon Tribunal” link on the guild site.

Launch of EQ2X is on August 17th. Join up now and start taking part in the discussions!

4 responses to “Announcing the Ebon Tribunal, an EverQuest II Extended Guild

  1. Having looked at the plans in detail, having checked out the store in the Alpha client, and having worked with a similar scheme in DDO for the last six months, I can say with near certainty that you are wrong. 🙂

    And if you aren’t, there always the gold plan at the same old $15 a month.

  2. I’ll be keeping my Station Access sub AND playing on the EQ”X servers, if only I can find a few more hours in the day.

    One thing that puzzles me – if Bronze and Silver players can’t use Legendary/Fabled gear, what happens with the drops when they get them? Especially the No Trade ones?

  3. They get a loadstone that taunts them every time they open their inventory that basically says, “Look at this beautiful shiny but oh so sad you can’t use it because you don’t have a monthly sub.”

    But a Station Access sub should also count as a EQ2X gold sub according to their account matrix.