EQ2 Developer Interviews at TTH and Massively

There’s another interview with EQ2 Lead Developer Dave Georgeson over at Ten Ton Hammer. It covers much the same ground as yesterday’s chat with Massively, but there are enough new wrinkles to make it worth reading.

Reaction on the EQ2 forums has settled out of the knee-jerk bitching phase and is starting to become productive. Personally, I’m exited about the program and I suspect that as news develops a significant amount of interest will arise.

Recruitment for The Ebon Tribunal is in full swing, as we have several signups already, with more to come. Expect to hear me talking about it – and pimping it – a lot over the course of this coming week. I will be on vacation most of the following week, but I’ll be back well before the launch.

One response to “EQ2 Developer Interviews at TTH and Massively

  1. I will be out of town for the launch week. But I fully expect to be playing this by late August. I’m pretty excited about it.