EQ2X is Live

As of today EverQuest II Extended – the new free-to-play server – is up. I spent some time in it, and worked myself to level 10 in the Frostfang Sea starting area.

Bluntly, EQ2’s free-to-play model (still in Beta, although characters will not be wiped from this point forward,) needs some work. In terms of content, you get quite a lot (far more than you get for free in LotRO or DDO,) but some basic game functions, including the ability to create guilds, are crippled unless you pay. Your ability to buy upgrades piecemeal is severely limited – indeed, almost nonexistent. And the Gold ($15 a month subscription) membership is sorely lacking in comparison to what you get for that amount of money in DDO and LotRO. I may get into more details of what I think ought to change later.

The appeal of EQ2X for me is the ability to play at my own pace, without committing to a subscription – and I have to say that I am increasingly leaning away from subscription games, given the free choices available now or in the next few months. I plan to upgrade to Silver tomorrow, but I don’t see spending much more for a good long time – the Gold package as it stands today isn’t worth it, and I’d never consider sinking $200 into Platinum.

But like I say, this is still technically Beta – the details could change, and indeed some of them have already shifted since the original announcement.

The Ebon Tribunal is not yet formed in-game, by the way, but we have an excellent start and I’m looking forward to getting us going properly tomorrow.


3 responses to “EQ2X is Live

  1. If you want to play as a casual, solo player there’s far more content in the free version than you are ever going to see. The free version also includes the best high-fantasy interior design sim ever. There are plenty of players who play EQ2 full-time just for the house decorating part.

    I stumped up the $10 for Silver (plus $7.50 for the Ratonga race pack) jsut so I could play on the Silver plan. I have a Station Access account that entitles me to Gold level but as far as I can see if I used that I might as well just start a new character on a Live server. The restrictions turn it into a fresh, new game for someone who’s been playing since launch.

    There was quite a lot of mithering in chat last night about the inability to start guilds. I can’t really see what the problem is. You can JOIN a guild on the lowest level of free membership. How many people actually need to START one? If it cuts down on drive-by guild invites then I’m all for it.

    Anyway, enough discussion – I’m off to play!