EQ2X So Far

I have a long post brewing about the ups and downs of EQ2X, but for now I’ll just say that I more or less agree with Yeebo, in that EQ2X is a terrific MMO whose free-to-play incarnation is unfortunately hobbled by an ill-considered pricing structure.

However, as Yeebo pointed out to me in-game this evening, there are signals that this may change. In particular, the ability for Bronze and Silver players to buy classes is coming. We also need the ability to lift restrictions on gear and skills, and inventory. The non-sub option needs to be legitimate for the model to work; right now it’s just a very expansive trial.

The Ebon Tribunal is getting off the ground with a bang. (The site’s HERE, but GuildPortal has been down all night. Hopefully it’ll be up by morning.) Today I signed up member account number 32. Which is a bit extraordinary, really. Now, we still need to get about a third of those folks actually in the guild in-game, but we’re facilitating that as best we can. Things are going swimmingly so far, and we’re setting the right friendly, casual tone.

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  1. I share the feeling that the F2P option feels like a great trial. EQ2 is a good game. It’s just that once you know that if you decide to sub, you’d be better to switch servers and start again, it makes you less likely to want to set down roots on the new server.

  2. The class thing was coming after they broke down and permitted character copies to retain non-subscription access to the paid classes. Before, the character copy from EQ2 Live was a terrible deal for 2/3 of classes because you’d be paying to transfer them to a free to play server where they wouldn’t be free to play. Once that bridge was crossed, it was absurd to keep classes firewalled to subscribers only, especially given the implications for class population balance (which will STILL likely be dire with 1/3 of the classes free and 2/3 paid).

    I’m concerned that they’ve backed themselves into a corner with the model so far, though. The restriction on gear and skills isn’t really a restriction on gear and skills – it’s effectively a lock-out on all group content to prevent current subscribers from copying over and never paying a subscription again. If they compromise on this point, there would be very little value left in the subscription, and no need to ever pay for just about anything that you were previously obtaining in-game.

  3. The issue in my mind is whether SOE stands to make more by encouraging FtP players to spend more, or by forcing FtP players to sub to access a full featured game.

    Based on what Turbine has been doing with DDO, I suspect the former (either that or Turbine is stupid). Also keep in mind that subs to DDO actually went up when it went FtP. A lot of players would rather pay $15 a month than $100 up front to unlock everything. A poor strategy long term, but many consumers don’t think long term.

    Regardless, this is going to be interesting to watch. Whatever happens with EQ II and LoTRO in the next six months is going to have a big impact on the genre. If one or both of them flop, I think sub based MMOs will remain common. If they both do well, I think we are going to see very few sub based MMOs in the future and a lot of existing MMOs getting switched over (WAR, DAoC, EQ, UO, ect.). I’m kind of rooting for the latter scenario because I have the attention span of a humming bird.

  4. I’m absolutely loving it. Playing Silver and the restrictions are what make it such a blast for me. That’s pretty obviously because after having held a live account for six years there’d really be little point in me just playing the same game over again. I wouldn’t expect newcomers to be going “Wow! This is amazing! I really have to THINK about my inventory now!”

    Buying classes is an excellent idea, though. Much needed. And the server is heavign with people. Great fun.

  5. It’s good to see SOE is moving quickly. I’ve enjoyed coming back to EQ2, but I can’t see myself throwing much money at it useless Sony makes it worth my while.

  6. I’ll be in game soon, just need to reinstall the client and do the lengthy download. Looking forward to playing with some folks soon.

  7. Loving it so far. My only dilemma now: do writs for the guild on my copied mastercrafter or get my Inquisitor up another level or two. 😉

  8. @Grimjakk: Do both! Although we could surely use the status from writs.

    @JayeDuB: We’ll be delighted to have you when you’re ready.

    @Anjin: I dropped the $10 to go Silver, but I can’t see springing for Gold (which I consider a poor deal as it stands today,) or spending cash on much else besides a race/class pack and another character slot. And those can wait. The real question is, can I get a meaningful game experience out of EQ2X on the low-cash plan?

    So far, it’s working, and I’m having a wonderful time.

  9. I’m kinda on the fence about this,I will be giving it a go but I’m just wondering if the restrictions make it worthwhile,

  10. Martin,

    It’s absolutely worth it … by the time you get someone ready for raiding, SOE will be selling you access to top-tier spells and skills, and selling one-shot pots to let you attune top-tier gear.