Guild Wars 2 Video From GamesCom

The following three videos (I recommend watching them in Hi-def,) comprise ArenaNet’s presentation at GamesCom. They’re worth watching, and they say to me that Guild Wars 2 may shake MMO development out of the rut it’s been in for the past few years. It might not, but I think you’d have to admit that there’s a great deal of potential here, and that this is a title worth keeping an eye on.

7 responses to “Guild Wars 2 Video From GamesCom

  1. If we’re going to have everything voiced, I just wish the voice acting would at least be bearable. I hope there’s at least an option to switch it off and have text instead.

    Other than that, looking good. Can’t wait!

  2. I didn’t mention this because I’m under the weather and didn’t feel up to doing the topic justice, but I think what we’re seeing here is a chance that GW2 will give us something we’ve not seen before in an MMO – something like a sandbox story, with players able to influence the feel of the world, while participating in emergent gameplay.

    And maybe not, but if this is even somewhat true it represents a quantum leap over what WAR did with PQs, although the driving mechanism is indeed very similar to that.

  3. I remember saying the same thing on Twitter and getting smacked down because so many people want to just hate on GW period.
    I am sorry, but GW2 is proving that you can rework the system, forget what Blizzard is doing…and is guaranteed to sell a mess load of copies.
    Even though the UI has some issues, just this small amount of gameplay has me watering at the mouth to get my copy and enjoy.

  4. isn’t there a 4th playmassive video? I vaguely recall there being 4.

    In any case those are some of the only non-offscreen videos, so I do recommend them as well.

    For even more, I think game trailers has a 9 video series of high quality, but still offscreen, videos.

  5. Finally an artstyle that makes for one single immersive experience! Hasn’t happened since WoW. LoTRO was close but the toons floating over the landscape ruined it for me. Awesome – totally excited for this now : )

    My only real question is, will there be just mobs to grind like in GW1. Just exploring and grinding mobs for drops and exp. The PQ like stuff looks great, but set pieces get a little boring after awhile.