That Was Fast

Yeebo broke the news that an EQ2X update this morning added purchasable classes and broker tokens to the game. I expected this to take weeks, but it’s good that SOE has been this responsive.

Interestingly, the classes are not available in paired bundles, which is suboptimal. So if you buy and make, say, a Dirge, as it stands today you’d need to buy the Troubador class as well if you want to change it in the future. This is kind of dumb.

The classes are selling at 750 ($7.50) SC a shot, while broker tokens are a relative bargain at 150 ($1.50) for a stack of 10. A good deal for those wanting to load up on some decent gear for play, not so much if you’re wanting to broker bunches of your loot (which I’m actually not sure is even possible.)

Again, though, it’s a step in the right direction.

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