Yet Another Crack

More or less out of a raging desire to see Guild Wars 2 as soon as possible, I’ve been fooling with the original again, after letting it sit idle for a month or so since the last try. It’s a game that I’ve made multiple passes at, and it’s never really sold me – the gameplay just hasn’t come together in a way that I like.

Typically, however, I’ll start a new character when doing this. This time I just hopped into my oldest and best-established character (a level 8 Fighter/ranger,) and ran a couple of random quests, then set out to start running a mission or two.

Missions in Guild Wars are half quest and half instanced zone with objectives. Up to this point, despite owning the game for something like 3 years and having tried to get into it a number of times, I’d never actually run one (well, aside from the intro thing in Factions, which is set up like a mission.)

The interface for getting into a mission is kind of awkward – it’s in the party panel, which makes no sense to me. But once in, the first one was pretty fun – and I plan to play a couple more.

5 responses to “Yet Another Crack

  1. I’ve considered re-trying Guild Wars, but they implemented a “security” feature where you need to know the name of a character on your account, which I don’t since it was more than two years ago. Sent them a petition that they never answered, and I guess I haven’t cared enough to follow up. Ah well.

  2. I just log into Guild Wars these days to get the holiday hats & my toon’s annual birthday presents. Also nobody does April 1st like Guild Wars.

  3. It’s where the button is (an inobvious place) that’s awkward, not the fact that you have to hit something to enter the instance.

    Also, I’m playing Prophecies. That Nightfall is more mature and polished is something everyone agrees on – I just don’t have it.