A Curious Experiment

A casual acquaintance of mine is doing an experiment with the new free-to-play LotRO – by seeing just how far he can get for free, without spending any Turbine Points. Not even the points he gets through play.

This is the kind of thing I’d have thought of, but slightly more restrictive and, therefore, ambitious. So If you’re curious, keep an eye open for his future vlogs.


5 responses to “A Curious Experiment

  1. You can get all the way to cap. If you kill enough mobs *shrug* In the old days, I’d have to give a retailer $50 for the game. Now, I download it for free, and need to give a developer $50.

    Sounds like a deal to me.

  2. I think the point is not strictly to find out whether it can be done – it seems plain that it can – but to see how onerous it becomes, and at what point.

  3. I found it excessively onerous getting to 40 under the original subscription model. Although it was mainly the quests that made it so attritional. There’s an outside possibility it might actually be less onerous if you just killed stuff, although the xp per kill is about the meanest I’ve ever experienced in an MMO.

  4. Well, while level 40 may be a bit of a pain to get to under the best circumstances, I think it can be done. It’s a question of whether my patience runs out before the deeds do. LOL

    Coming up in the 3rd installment (the 2nd is live as of now) I’ll be covering skirmishes and how they fit into my plan to level my hunter. I’ll also be discussing how to use the Skirmish system to equip my character for solo play.