Death and New Life… Maybe

The news broke today that All Points Bulletin is shutting down. Nobody should be surprised by this, since Realtime Worlds had financially imploded and the game wasn’t doing very well, by all accounts.

In situations like this, I always feel bad for the people who liked it. Besides, even though it suffered from a lack of things to do in-game and from a fairly silly money model, APB wasn’t all that bad a game – the play itself was kind of fun. I for one will kind of miss it. One hopes there’s a chance it’ll get bought and resurface.

But mitigating the doom & gloom news, Pirates of the Burning Sea is going free-to-play. This is also not at all surprising. What will be interesting is to see how their model develops; will Flying Labs go with something similar to the way EQ2 is handling free play? Or with the (superior) Turbine approach? Or with something else altogether?

PotBS appears to have been doing very poorly for a good long while now. I personally tried it and gave up very quickly for a couple of reasons, but I’ll admit that it had potential. Hopefully this will turn out to be a positive move, in the end. I’m not much motivated to check it out again when it goes free… but you never know.

2 responses to “Death and New Life… Maybe

  1. By all accounts there was some fun to be had in APB, but the game was dragged down by a few poorly thought out design issues.

    And now PoTBS is suddenly on my radar. It’s a game I have long been meaning to try, but just never got around too. I will definitely take it for a spin when FtP goes live.

  2. I’m really bummed out by APB. I bought that on pre-order but then found myself in a situation without a steady internet connection for three months. Looks like I won’t be getting to play it much.

    I wonder if they’ll release the code so we can set up our own servers. Doubtful, but if no-one buys it there’s not much else they can do.