More Discoveries and Observations

Just before the scheduled downtime this morning, I hit level 15 in LotRO. This is as far as I’ve gotten in the game. I have some additional observations, building on the post of the other day.

  • The Epic Quest chain seems different to me. I suspect that I may be misremembering it.
  • You must spend Turbine Points to get a permanent mount. The TPs get you the Riding skill – after that you can buy the actual mount either with more TPs or with in-game silver. It’s quite a lot of silver, but probably doable from scratch by level 20-25.
  • The gold cap is high enough for even a free player to get housing. However, the amount of money required is pretty high – at level 15, when it unlocks, I’ve not had anywhere near enough money, and I wouldn’t expect to for several more levels. I did check out the available housing, and it’s reasonably nice, if a bit small in comparison to the EQ2 starter apartments. But then, far as I can tell, there’s a lot less available in terms to furniture and similar goodies.
  • As far as I can tell, the only way to get Turbine Points through play is by completing Deeds.
  • After 15 levels I have about 100 Turbine Points. This isn’t bad, but it’s not enough to unlock more content – and likely still won’t be enough even at the point at which I run out of content. We’ll see how this goes.
  • That point looks to be around level 25. As a free or Premium player you get The Shire, Ered Luin and Bree-Land. The first two cover levels 4-15 or so, while Bree-Land gives you enough quests to get to around 25. After that, you’re paying for unlocks.
  • The first two Skirmishes unlock at level 20. These are repeatable, have their own Deeds, and will likely be the primary avenue of advancement for the entirely free player after the mid-20s. They also give you tokens that you can spend on gear and such. I’m looking forward to checking these out.
  • I’ve been farting around on the LotRO forums during the downtime. The maturity of the community there impresses me – it’s much less depressing than, say, the EQ2 Forums, which are themselves much better than the WoW forums. The roleplaying community appears to be huge in LotRO. This is not a surprise, but I wonder what concrete elements LotRO shares with City of Heroes – both of these are true with both games.
  • Speaking of EQ2, seeing what Turbine has done with the LotRO free-to-play model makes me feel disheartened with SOE’s approach. Hopefully EQ2X’s model will improve.
  • Crafting is something I never got around to trying before. I’m starting to poke around in it now, and it’s interesting. It’s basically similar to WoW’s crafting with several significant twists, the biggest of which is that the stuff you make isn’t vendor trash. The professions also come in bundles of three, which makes the bundles interdependent.

2 responses to “More Discoveries and Observations

  1. Having the 500 silver for the fast mount is manageable in the 20s.

    Back in the early days, having that much silver on a mid-20s character would not have been possible, but money seems a little more available now.

    I have a level 23 guardian with over a gold on him.

    Of course, I am also obsessive and make sure I sell every trash drop to the vendor. And, as a VIP, I have 5 bags, so I have room to squirrel stuff away.

  2. If you’re trying to earn TP, the key is to do the low hanging fruit – exploration and quest deeds – from the other two starter areas. If you do one zone normally, and get the easy stuff from the other two, you will have more than enough points to unlock the Lone Lands (which will take you to 30 or so). Beyond that, you’re basically going to have to chain re-roll and repeat the easy deeds for low levels if you’re bent on earning TP to pay for content for your main.

    If you’re really looking to stretch your TP, it might technically be a bit more efficient to skip the Lone Lands (farm skirmishes once/day for the daily quest award on your main, while leveling alts to earn points to skip to North Downs or maybe Evendim). Not having LL will make Book 2 a lot less fun to complete, though, and you’ll still have to spend a lot of time farming for the next zone up.