Hope for APB?

Both the BBC and Kotaku are reporting that there may be hope for APB. The name being tossed around is Epic, but that doesn’t sound very likely to me, from the tone of the original story.

Still, let’s hope. APB, problems or not, is a game that deserves a fighting chance. I think it would need quite a bit of work to get it to where it could draw actual paying players, but there’s a very nice core there.


3 responses to “Hope for APB?

  1. I do remember the Epic guys were quite fond of APB during development. They don’t often go out and promote games from other developers that use their engine.

    That said, APB could use some work from the Epic guys to get its engine up to snuff. The current build (as of this morning with the latest patch) still has rendering lag issues and a lot of other things Epic could fix.

    The biggest fix? Ripping out the Faux-MMO networking-server garbage. APB is a PvP game, and one that can only sustain limited players at a time. There is ZERO need for it to be on an MMO-ish server service, which cost a lot to develop and maintain, when it could be hosted on normal dedicated servers like most PC FPS games are. Let the players foot the bill for hosting their own servers. APB is not the type of game anyone wanted an MMO out of, especially when there is little to do other than PvP. It would have done much better had it been designed with the traditional “game as a product” philosophy rather than the “game as a service” one. I understand the suits want to monetize every little thing, but APB burned $100 million and shuts down in 80 days? Look at the real MMO’s that are bleeding subscribers or being shut down, and they expected APB to make it?

  2. Yeah the lobby instance was kind of a pain. But how else could you do the car customization and logo design stuff, except maybe an out of game but still online portal? I was just hoping for some balance to the stun guns enforcers had, which were completely out of hand, before hopping back into the game. Its still a one-of-a-kind experience, and hilarious with the right group of people to play with.

  3. Forza 2 and 3 do plenty of car customization and that’s on Xbox LIVE so obviously not an MMO. All that stuff can be done quite easily and far more cost-effective than designing a pseudo-MMO network structure.