A New School Year and A LotRO Upgrade

School has begun as of yesterday, so I anticipate much-lessened gaming time over the next three months. On top of that, the stuff I’m currently doing as work ties up still more time. For those curious, though, I’m taking Latin, Integral Calculus and Physics this quarter. This will either go very well or drive me absolutely insane – you’ll doubtless be able to tell if I start making incoherent blog posts about Reptoids and Glenn Beck.

So anyway, on the MMO front: yesterday I located a copy of Mines of Moria for $9.95. Go Micro Center! This makes me a VIP member for the next 30 days, temporarily increasing bag space and giving me access to pretty much all the content in the game.

It also makes the Riding skill available via a quest, available at level 20. Once you have the riding skill, you keep it even if you back down to Premium membership, which I intend to do when the current 30 days runs out. So I made a point in my very limited playtime (I managed to eke out 45 minutes this morning,) to go do the quest and drop the requisite 500 silver, and Hroar now has a very nice new chestnut pony.

Mines of Moria also gives you permanent access to the expansion content, two more permanent character slots (VIP with MoM takes you up to 7 total – you go back down to 5 if you revert to premium,) 500 Turbine Points (a welcome buffer,) and permanent access to the Warden and Rune-Keeper classes. I’ve been hearing good things about the Warden, so I used one of my new slots to make one, although I haven’t played her much yet; the Rune-Keeper I find less attractive, although it’s supposed to be a good class as well.

I’ve also joined a guild which has been both very welcoming and exceptionally helpful. As a bonus (and kind of a requisite when I was looking for a guild,) they’re alt and newbie friendly, which means there are a good number of other folks in my level range and below.

I will probably make it a project to get at least some of my (four) alts to level 20 and get the riding skill taken care of before my VIP lapses. Besides, I need to work on other crafters so my main isn’t selling all the recipes and mats he’s been getting.

2 responses to “A New School Year and A LotRO Upgrade

  1. All of Moria, real horses, two classes, and two character slots for ten bucks. That’s a pretty fantastic deal. I wonder how much longer Moria boxes will be available.

  2. I think they are already officially unavailable. But there’s still copies floating around in retail. It’s just a matter of running one down – I got the last one that Micro Center had left.