Lone-lands on Sale!

Turbine looks to be setting LotRO up to offer the same sorts of deals that DDO does in its store. Thus far, nothing much of interest (to me) has been on sale (well, except the shared bank, which I couldn’t afford,) but as of today, Lone-lands is marked down 20%, from the normal 350TP price to 280.

Now, if I can just figure how to buy Lone-lands on an account that’s VIP right now…

Anyway, thanks to Syp for the heads-up. I’d also like to call the attention of LotRO free and premium players to this post on the LotRO forums, discussing just how many Turbine Points are available via Deeds, and what unlocking everything that a VIP gets costs to unlock.

The short end of that story is that, yes, you can get everything in the game for free. There’s enough points there with lots to spare, even including the extra bag unlocks and such, and without doing something like running characters through the first three zones, getting all the Deeds, then deleting them and starting over, or farming Deeds on multiple servers.

All that said, while it’s possible, it’s looking like a pretty merciless grind from where I’m sitting. I’m sure there are folks who’ll do it, but I shan’t be among them – at some point I will shuck out some money for points, if not for more VIP.

I did manage to play a little bit yesterday, and got started finishing up Bree-land quests and Deeds in preparation for moving on to the Lone-lands, which I should get to tonight. A mount speeds progress up tremendously – in finishing stuff in the Barrow-Downs I racked up another bunch of TP, and should now be able to pick up at least two zones with what I have already. I also did some scouting in the Lone-lands, and managed to fall off of Weathertop (!), learning in the process that you can die from falls in LotRO.

I’m wondering if my extra bag slots (gained via the MoM VIP) will go away upon reverting to Premium. My guess would be that they do, although I know you keep the extra character slots. (UPDATE; On the plus side, extra bags bought through the store apply to the whole account, not just to the purchasing character.)


11 responses to “Lone-lands on Sale!

  1. The Lone Lands is pretty much a must-have area for quest. It is thick with them and they run well into the 30s. If you find out a way to buy it while still a VIP, snap it up while it is on sale.

    While I’m a lifetime subscriber, I have been tempted to roll up a free account just to see what things look like from that perspective.

  2. Over in DDO, they don’t allow active VIP’s to purchase anything that is included in the VIP sub, no matter how dramatically (up to 50% off) it goes on sale. I guess their thinking is that they don’t want to encourage VIP’s to cancel their subscriptions, but the flipside is that this actively discourages me from ever wanting to subscribe in the first place.

  3. @Mike: Yeah, I found that a little while ago – I’ve been digging into the LotRO forums looking for minutiae about how downgrading will work. Characters active (i. e. that you logged in on,) during the VIP period also keep the lifted gold cap and trait slots – even those you haven’t earned yet.

  4. My Moria box still hasn’t arrived, so I bought Lone Lands today, and my riding skill the other day. Between deed rewards, and the beta reward, I still have a few hundred points to mess with. Suggestions on what to spend ’em on?

  5. QUESTION: Is there any predictability to Quest Pack discounts? Are these discounts announced in advance?

    Last week Lone Lands was 280 TP, and I’m kicking myself for waiting- as of Friday October 1st LL increased to 350 TP.

    I’ve been researching this subject everywhere, and this page was the most relevant. Thank you.

  6. Not as far as I’ve been able to ascertain – going by DDO, that is. They do seem to occur regularly (I wouldn’t say “often,”) but it’s largely a matter of keeping an eye on the announcements and waiting until whatever you want comes up.

  7. And the big kick-in-the-teeth is Lone-Lands pack was just on sale for a 1 day event on the 14th for 87 Turbine Points, down from the previous sale prices of 280 and the regular of 350. It really means you gotta log in daily to see what outrageous deals may or may not be occurring.

    • @Kurast: Yep, I jumped on that…already had Lone Lands from previous sale, but they also had North Downs & Evendim for 70% off so I got those. *Then* put in my Moria box set key afterwords