Ardwulf’s Lair Podcast Episode 00

After a long and unwanted break, I’m back in the podcasting arena, with episode zero of a new show, the Ardwulf’s Lair Podcast. This is a test show to feel out the new hosting and technology – offhand, I think the sound quality is fairly lousy – it’s something I’ll have to work on. But there’s some actual content there as well, not just me talking about how I’m podcasting again. Mature language is included, so be warned.

The podcast page is HERE. The direct link to the feed is HERE. The show should also be available via iTunes in short order.

Show Notes

  • Brief Introduction and my intentions for the show.
  • Obligatory link to Shut Up, We’re Talking, which I mention in the show.
  • Rant/Commentary about World of Darkness Online and the permadeath fracas
  • Music by InspiredBM, Recycler and Fractals. I’m probably sticking with this mix for the time being.
  • Running Time: 11:16

For those who’ve asked, by the way, Podbean is the new host. We’ll see how this works out.

2 responses to “Ardwulf’s Lair Podcast Episode 00

  1. most of the time permadeath comes up, diablo is sometimes mentioned. No wonder. talk about a game where you have virtually zero emotional atachment to the characters. character dies? no problem, just spend 2 hours getting it to lvl 94 again. that is the only circumstance where permadeath can work.
    Where any meaningfull character progression exists, permadeath is a ridiculous mechanic.
    And guess what kind of game ‘character progression’ is the hallmark of?