Rift Preview at G4TV

G4TV’s latest MMO Report has some (via Massively,) a look behind the scenes of Rift: Planes of Telara, from Trion Worlds. This is one of the upcoming games I’m keeping an eye on.

There’s no real new information here – dynamic content, ascended souls, flexible class system, release early 2011 – but it’s a useful recap and contains some gameplay footage that I hadn’t seen before. I’m still getting a Vanguard vibe from the look of the thing (and much else,) but the dynamic rifts, as you might expect, impart a WAR vibe as well.

I don’t actually think that Rift will prove to be a huge hit, but it stands an excellent chance of accruing a modest and faithful audience from those whose tastes are driven by nostalgia for the days of EQ and DAoC, and from those who felt betrayed by Vanguard’s failure to live up to its promise. It also might prove to be a pretty good game in its own right.

I’m on the fence about it, myself. The much-touted dynamic content looks (as of right now,) to be similar to but less ambitious than what Guild Wars 2 is trying to do. Of course, it may be that ArenaNet is better at the marketing thing and making the idea sound revolutionary, even though it’s pretty clearly just the next step along the road Warhammer went down with its Public Quests. On the other hand, that fire rift is really sweet-looking.

One response to “Rift Preview at G4TV

  1. It’s looking a lot like EQ3 to me, too (Vanguard being EQ 2.5, of course).

    Annoyingly, after a fairly quiet year in 2010 so far, everything seems set to happen at once from about now with FFXIV through to GW2 probably next spring. I just hope Rifts doesn’t get lost in the crush of big new MMOs and expansions.