What’s Going On

September 2010 was a landmark month for Ardwulf’s Lair, due almost entirely to, at the very end, the flurry of interest in WoDO. It wasn’t the all-time peak month for hits, but it was #2. (Odd Note: The peak month for every year has been September. It may be because it’s a month when big news often breaks, or due to return-to-school phenomena.)

I’m also closing in on 700 blog posts; hopefully I will actually notice when I’m making it this time, as opposed to later. Expect it to happen in the next two weeks.

A far as gaming goes, though, this isn’t a good time for me. Between starting a new job along with a full course load of pretty challenging classes (Integral Calc, Physics and Latin,) I’m getting something like 2 hours a week to game. I’ve been entirely out of EQ2X for a couple of weeks, aside from a handful of very brief check-ins. I spent about an hour in LotRO last weekend; DDO I haven’t been able to log into for about a month. Even my tabletop stuff has been cut back, with one game (D&D3.5) canceled completely and the other being held intermittently.

The good news is that I will be entirely finished with Autumn Quarter by the week of December 6th. Work is full-time, but merely full-time is manageable. Hopefully my Winter Quarter schedule will allow for more flexible hours, and at this point it’s my intention to try to take some easy stuff, for Christ’s sake.

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