More EVE Character Creator Videos

Two more videos of EVE’s new character creator. These have been online for a couple of days, but I found them this morning thanks to Massively. These show a lot more detail than the last one did.

A couple of things are worth noting here. First, the EVE devs have acknowledged (in the dev blog I linked to yesterday,) that the new character creator now on Singularity is a long way from being done and releasable, thus the comparatively early kickout to test in relation to the expansion (Incursion) it’ll launch with. This is kind of noticable in the videos, so bear it in mind while watching them.

Second, who at CCP thought it would be a good idea to launch two expansions back to back with such similar names. Folks who pay attention to EVE are getting them confused, so casual students of the game (i. e. potential players) are bound to conflate the two even more often.

Fun Latin Fact of the Day: Both incursion and incarnate (whence Incarna) come from Latin; the prefix in- is a Latin preposition meaning “in” or “into” (in this case.) Curro is a verb meaning to attack. So an in-cursion is literally an attack into something. More amusingly, incarnate arises from Latin caro, carne, meaning “flesh,” but which is more often translated to mean “meat”… hence Spanish carne asada, for example. So Incarna means something like “Into the Meat.” Which is very appropriate on several different levels. If I want to take the spelling (and thus the inflection,) as correct, I’ll take it as a participle and render it thus: Having Been Made (Female) Flesh.


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