Shameless Moneygrab!

Something I’ve been wanting to do with this site for some time is make some capital improvements, like getting it on its own domain, for example, along with real web hosting to let me post media files and such. Plus hosting for the podcast and the ability to do custom CSS on the site. Essentially I’d like to not suffer the limitations of being confined to 100% free hosting (actually it’s not 100% free now, and it’d be nice to be able to allay that cost.)

To that end, some time back I hosted an ad for online poker, which, while not entirely in keeping with the content of the blog, at least provided me with a little bit of money. That’s now long-gone, and the donations button attracted zero attention (I had been warned that this would be the case, by Heartless I think.)

At the same time, I’d never want to junk up the site with irrelevant banner ads or the like. Nor do I expect an enormous revenue stream – but I’d like a little bit to help the site get better. To that end, I’ve joined the EVE Affiliate program. That’s why there’s a new banner in the right sidebar. If you click on it and end up signing up for an EVE account, I get a little cut.

Consider this post to contain all the traditional disclaimers. However, I think the ad entirely in keeping with the site’s content, and EVE and CCP are endeavors worth supporting. So if you are thinking of trying EVE, I encourage you to do so via the link at right. Either that, or head over to CrazyKinux and click on one of his affiliate banners.

I may also change the site layout to better fit this. Be warned, although I will try to come up with something that isn’t dark and hard to read. (This would be easier if I could do the CSS myself instead of using WordPress’ canned templates.)

Suggestions and opinions are welcome in the comments.


3 responses to “Shameless Moneygrab!

  1. Your old look was one of my favorite looks of any blog I vist. I particularly loved the “crinkled parchment” look of the comments section.

    New look is fine, but the old one seemed much more original, which is ironic if it was actually just something provided under WordPress.

  2. It was a canned WordPress theme like this one. I liked it too, however, and if I get the chance I plan to go to something that’s a middle ground between that and this – I have some parchment-style backgrounds I would love to be able to use.

    EDIT: I think, after comparing the two themes side-by-side, that this one has the better layout, while the other had a better texture. Still, I’d been using that theme for about a year and a half – there’s an anniversary coming up and it was time for a switch.

  3. Sellout!


    Actually, I don’t mind it a bit. Here’s hoping the EVE affiliation helps out a bit. 🙂 I do miss the look of the old site, but this is clean and nice as well, if very slightly boring by comparison.